Metos has been supplying professional kitchens for almost 100 years. We are the market leader in the Nordic countries, the Baltic countries and the Benelux countries and belong to the ALI group. Metos employs about 750 people in ten different countries.

Metos iVario is kitchens’ multidevice

Metos iVario is kitchens’ multidevice

The Metos VarioCooking Center, a multifunction device for professional kitchens, has been redesigned and is now known as Metos iVario. The contact cooking device combines the best features of a frying pan, kettle, oven and fryer in one package. And when you choose the pressure cooking feature, you can reduce the already fast cooking times of many dishes by another 20-35%.

Automation measures and adjusts cooking
iCookingSuite is a new, smarter interface for your device. A clear, user-friendly touch screen provides the best possible support for the user. The device notifies user with a signal if a response is required. With iCookingSuite, you save on constant cooking monitoring, saving time, raw materials and energy.

With iZoneControl, you can divide the pan into independent cooking zones and use different cooking temperatures or processes. Areas that are not in use do not heat up, so waste heat generation is minimised.

An optional, adjustable stand improves the work ergonomics of the iVario. The height of the stand can be instantly adjusted from 900 to 1100 mm with a single touch screen selection.